Friday, 25 May 2018

Gold Hot Foil and Die Cut Birthday Card

Hi Everyone, I was asked to make a birthday card for an elderly lady who's eye sight is failing, I wanted to put a big Happy Birthday at the centre of the card and keep the rest of it fairly simple. The hot foil Happy Birthday stamp seemed the obvious solution and I was very happy to give our new Spellbinders Labels 59 die sets a test run too.

Hot foil happy birthday card with gold die cut border

Start with a cream 12.5cm sq card blank, trimmed down to 12cm sq. Add a layer of gold mirror card and a layer of cream card.

Die cut the fancy frame from gold mirror card and adhere to the centre of the card using double sided tape.

Heat up the Go Press and Foil machine until the green light shows, lay the Happy Birthday hot foil stamp on the heating platform and leave it to heat up for a minute or so. Cut a piece of gold heat activated foil slightly bigger than the stamp and trim the corners off, cut a piece of cream card to approximately 10 x 11cm. When the stamp has had chance to heat up, lay the foil over it, coloured side down, the card on top of that and a couple of sheets of card to act as shims on top of that. Close the lid and run the whole thing through your die cutting machine (you don't need any of the plates or platforms in the die cutter). Run it through quite slowly a couple of times then remove the platform and return it to the base unit, remove the card and the stamp carefully as the stamp will still be hot. Before removing the excess foil, gently rub over the foiled words with your finger to make sure the foil has fully transferred, then peel away the excess foil.

Die cut the foiled Happy Birthday using the die from the Labels 59 set that fits inside the fancy frame. Adhere this to the centre of the fancy frame. (I used glue to adhere it so that I had chance to slide it around a little to make sure it was positioned perfectly). Add a gold self adhesive gem in each corner of the card and you're done. I think it's turned out very well, I like the cream and gold combo and love the new die sets. Hope the recipient likes it and you too, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.
Thanks for calling in.
Debbie x

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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Hand Made Fathers Day Card with Heat Embossed Star

Hi Everyone, this is the last in my Cards For Men mini series 😉
After trying the embossing powder melting technique a couple of weeks ago I wanted to use it again as I love the effect it creates. I thought black and silver would be a suitably masculine colour scheme and a star would be a good shape for a Fathers Day card. I am happy with the result even though the greeting is not what I originally planned.

Hand made Fathers Day card with die cut, heat embossed star and stamped greeting

Start with an A6 white blank card, layer with silver then black card.

Die cut two star shapes one in silver card and a smaller one in black card. adhere the silver star to the card positioning it to the left side. 

Put the black star on a sheet of scrap paper on top of a heat resistant craft mat, pour clear embossing powder generously all over the star.

Cover this with a piece of ordinary greaseproof paper (to prevent the embossing powder blowing away) then heat with a heat gun. You will need to apply the heat for a few minutes in order to get all the powder to melt. Lift off the greaseproof paper and whilst the embossing powder is still molten sprinkle a small amount of Midas Touch silver glitter embossing powder over the star and reheat to make sure it melts into the clear embossing. You don't need the greaseproof paper for this step as the glitter embossing powder sticks to the molten layer so will not blow away. Set the star aside to cool and for the embossing powder to set hard.

Hand made Fathers Day card with die cut, heat embossed star and stamped greeting close up

I hope you can see the lovely enamel effect on the star.

Cut a narrow strip of silver card and stamp the 'You're the Best' greeting in black ink. Heat set this as it can take a long time to dry on metallic card. Trim the ends on a slight diagonal and adhere to the bottom right corner of the card with 1mm adhesive foam pads.

Once the star has cooled and set use silver peel off letters to add the word 'DAD' in the centre and adhere this to the silver star on the card.

I am sure any Dad would be pleased to receive this card, I love the effect of the melted embossing powder ( I might have mentioned that before lol) it adds something special to an unfussy card.

Many thanks for visiting, it would be great if you could leave a comment to let me know what you think. Details of all the supplies used are linked below.
Debbie x

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Friday, 11 May 2018

Hand Made Football Birthday Card

Hi Everyone, here's another card for a male recipient, with the World Cup only a month away it seemed appropriate to have another football themed card. You can personalise this card by using the colours of the recipients favourite football team and you could easily change the message to suit any occasion including Fathers Day, which falls on June 17th this year.

hand made mans birthday card with die cut football player

Start with a white 12.5cm square blank card. Cut a piece of green card to 12.1cm square, emboss with a polka dot embossing folder and adhere to the card blank with double sided tape.

To make the stripes cut three white and two red strips of card to 12.1 x.5cm, cut a piece of paper or thin card to 12.1 x 2.5cm and adhere the card strips to it. I used a glue stick for this so that I had time to position the strips and get them exactly lined up with each other before the glue set. Adhere the stripes a little way in from the left side of the card.

Die cut two circles one from red card and a smaller one from white card, die cut the football player from the centre of the white circle and adhere this on top of the red circle. Die cut a strip of grass from green card, position it across the bottom of the circles, lay the larger circle die over it and use stencil tape to attach the die to the grass strip. Run this through the die cutting machine to create a piece of grass that fits the bottom part of the circle perfectly. Adhere this to the circles with a glue stick. Adhere the circles to the card using 1mm foam pads on the right side of the circles to lift it up to the same level as the panel of stripes and double sided tape on the left side.

All that remains is the greeting, stamp it in white ink on to red card then fussy cut. Adhere this with a 3mm foam pad on the right side and a 1mm foam pad on the left to keep it level as it overlaps the striped panel.

There you have it, I am sure any football supporter would be pleased to receive this card which is pretty quick to make. Thank you so much for reading, it would be lovely if you could leave a comment to let me know what you think. All the products used are linked below.
Debbie x

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Monday, 7 May 2018

Steampunk Gears Birthday Card with Coloured Embossing

Hi everyone, I wanted to show you a technique for colouring the raised areas of embossing  which is really easy and adds another dimension to embossed backgrounds. I have been wanting to try my hand at video tutorials for a while now so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go!
The steampunk gears card is the one that I used for the video and is also part of my series of Fathers Day and cards for men.

steampunk gears embossed birthday card

I have included this owl birthday card as another example of this technique, where I added brown ink to the embossed wood grain (full details of this card can be found here).

Birthday card with stamped owl and embossed woodgrain.

To see this technique in action watch the video, or you can read the instructions below.

Start with an A6 white card blank , cut a piece of silver card slightly smaller and a piece of dark blue card smaller again. Put the blue card into the embossing folder and run it through your die cutting machine in the usual way.  Tap the end of a Darice foam ink pod on to your ink pad to pick up some ink then gently rub it over the raised areas of the embossing in a circular motion. You don’t need to press hard as the ink transfers easily.

Die cut two circles, one from the dark blue card and a slightly bigger one from silver card, stamp the Happy Birthday greeting in silver ink on to the blue circle, adhere this to the silver circle close to the left hand side.

Using the card blank as a tent fold, adhere the silver card to it with the blue embossed card on top of that and finally the circles towards the left side of the card.

It's an easy card to make but I really like the effect of the inked embossing and it would  make a great card for a male recipient. Hope you like it too. Let me know what you think of it and also of the video - it sounds a bit serious to me!!!
Debbie x

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Football Hedgehogs Fathers Day Card

Hi Everyone, time to think about the men now! Fathers Day is next month so I wanted to do a few cards in preparation. My plan is to make cards that will appeal to men that could be used for both Fathers Day and male birthdays, lets see how it goes. As well as Fathers Day the World cup starts in June so I thought I would start with a football themed card. As you can see from the picture it's not a complicated card at all but I love this stamped image and of course you can colour the scarf to suit the recipients favourite football team.

Football hedgehogs hand made Fathers Day card

As I said it's a very straightforward card so this description will be short!
Start with a 15cm square white blank card, layer it with Kraft card and blue card.

Stamp the image in black onto white card stock and colour it with your favourite marker pens or colouring pencils. Trim the image to 10 x 7cm, layer it on to blue card then kraft card and then attach to the card front. I used double sided tape for all the elements on this card.

Stamp the Fathers Day greeting in black ink on white card stock and again mount on blue card then kraft card and adhere to the card from below the image. That's all there is to it, I have to say i love this card those hedgehogs are sooooo cute!
Hope you like it too, thanks for reading, all materials used are linked below.
Debbie x

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Hand Made Wedding Card with Heat Embossed Heart

Hi everyone, I used a new technique on today's card, which I saw demonstrated on the WOW! stand at the craft trade show earlier this year. I have been itching to try it for myself ever since, with WOW embossing powders now in stock, the time was right. The technique involves melting different colours of embossing powder together to create the marbled effect on the heart. My first attempt wasn't quite right, I used an embossing glitter which didn't give the smooth finish that I was looking for and I put too much of the lighter colour embossing powder and not enough of the dark. Both these things were not actually wrong but did not produce the look that I wanted. The lovely sheen on the heart is created by using embossing powder with a pearl finish, a top tip from Marion Emberson the lady who did the demonstration - if you haven't got the colour you want in a pearl powder you can mix some clear pearl powder into your colour. That's exactly what I did with the dark blue and it really added a beautiful pearl lustre to it.

This is a close up of the heart: I used three colours of embossing powder.

Heat embossed heart

and here is the whole card, I went for a very simple design so that the heart could be the main focus.

Hand Made Wedding Card with Heat Embossed Heart

To make the heart:
Die cut the heart from thick card, lay it on a piece of scrap paper and cover it with a thick layer of embossing powder. I used three colours, Blueberry, Blueberry mixed with Translucent Pearl and White Pearl put on in roughly diagonal stripes. 

Cover the heart with a piece of ordinary greaseproof paper and heat with a heat gun. Give it plenty of heat as you want all the powder to melt and mix, you can lift up the greaseproof paper to see whether it is melting or not. Some of the molten powder will stick to the greaseproof paper, don't worry about that.

When it is fully melted, remove the greaseproof and using a cocktail stick or something similar drag the tip through the molten powder to create the marbling effect, at this stage you can re-melt the powder if it starts to harden, without the greaseproof and it will not blow away now. Sprinkle more of the Blueberry/Pearl mixed powder on to areas of the heart and reheat to melt it in. At this stage you can play around adding more colours, lines etc until you are happy with the finished result. 

Carefully (it might still be hot) lift the heart off the paper and rub away any bits of set embossing powder from around the edges. Leave it to cool completely.

To make the card:
Cut two pieces of cream pearlescent card 12cm square. Die cut a large heart shape from one of the pieces. Stamp the greeting in the bottom right hand corner of the die cut piece and heat emboss with Blueberry embossing powder, then adhere this over the other piece and then onto the card front. Adhere the embossed heart in the centre of the cut out heart with double sided tape.

Wind the wire stem of  a blue paper rose around a bamboo skewer or similar to make a spiral and attach the rose with strong double sided tape the the top left side of the heart.

I am so pleased with the way the embossed heart turned out, I can't wait to try it again with different colours. I hope you like it, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.
Thanks for visiting.
Debbie x

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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Hand Made Wedding Card with Grosgrain Ribbon, Pearl and Diamond Embellishment and Stamped Message

Hi everyone, for my second wedding card I went for a classic design but added a few touches of my own. I love the embossed, pearlised card as soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for wedding cards. It's the first time I have used one of the pearl and diamond buttons and it's just the look that I wanted.

Hand Made Wedding Card with Grosgrain Ribbon, Pearl and Diamond Embellishment and Stamped Message

Start with a 12.5cm square white blank card, cut a piece of pain pearlescent card to 12.3 x 5cm, stamp the Congratulations message in the centre with Watermark ink and heat emboss with Oceanic embossing powder.
Cut a piece of embossed pearlescent card to 12.3 x 7.3cm, join this to the stamped piece by taping across the back.

Cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon to approx. 14cm, cut an equal length of double sided tape and use it to attach the ribbon to the pearlescent card to cover the join, wrapping the ends round the back and sticking them securely with the double sided tape.  Now attach this panel to the blank card using double sided tape.

Cut a second piece of ribbon approx. 14cm long, fold the ends in to the middle and secure with double sided tape to create a faux bow. Use a strong double sided tape to attach this to the centre of the ribbon strip. Cut the plastic shank off the back of the button to give it a flat back and again using strong double sided tape fix this in position in the middle of the bow.

I like this simple, classic design, it would work well with different colours of ribbon and different greetings. Hope you like it too, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading
Debbie x

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